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Millennials with creative minds who understand the great value of beautiful imagery.


Marsh Deane

Marsh Deane is a local photographer who has captured moments across the globe for over a decade. After studying Landscape Architecture at Clemson University, Marsh returned home to finish school at Coastal Carolina University. He was awarded an internship at the United Nation's Georgetown RCE and used this opportunity to chase his dream of using media to positively impact his community. Marsh believes that imagery is one of the most powerful tools in creating value for his clients, whether it is capturing a child's first birthday or a luxury home for sale. When not on the job, Marsh is constantly practicing his craft. He is well versed in landscapes, portraits, astrophotography, wildlife, macrophotography, time lapses, architectural, 360 degree, and drone photography. Marsh uses his camera to serve influential groups in the county including the United Nations Georgetown RISE, Habitat for Humanity, the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation, and The Village Group. Marsh is also an FAA certified Drone pilot, who is ready and willing to put himself in any environment to capture the shot.

Tim Bean

Tim is a photographer, videographer, and editor from Southern Pines, NC.

He has long had a profound interest in the beauty of the world around him.

He served in the United States Armed Forces, and learned a determination to

work hard and chase his dreams. Tim joined the MLNL Team in 2020 and

dedication to his craft has had a strong impact upon our work.

"Throughout the years my fondness of photography has grown and expanded

into different branches of photography such as portrait, landscape, and wildlife.

Although these categories have enabled me to diversify my expertise in the field,

astrophotography will always have a special place in my heart. The knowledge of

simple physics drives me furthermore to solidify myself as an astrophotographer

and gain more experience within the field. Knowing that I can travel through time

and capture images of objects of what they looked like millions of years ago

perplexes me. After all, with astrophotography you are not photographing objects as they are but as they once were. Knowing that in one single image, I can capture an entire galaxy with trillions of stars harboring potential life simply makes me realize I’m doing some very special with the short time I have here on Earth. Since my first encounter with the Milky Way band stretching across the night sky years ago, there has always been something about the universe that has always reminded me that it’s imperative to live life by your own guidelines.

Perhaps it’s the constant realization of how fragile and rare life is on Earth. Perhaps it’s the 

view of infinity that reminds me that there’s something bigger out there that we just can’t

wrap our heads around yet reminds me at that moment that my personal problems may

not be that significant after all. Or perhaps it’s the realization that we’re meant to live our

lives to the fullest, to engage in new experiences, and to take advantage of this opportunity

that we all have. Life is rare, short, and fleeting, and this constant reminder by the night sky

is most likely why I’m so intrigued by it. -Tim"





Josh Harrison

Josh Harrison is a local entrepreneur who studied business at Coastal Carolina, and works as an administrator for disaster relief firms. He uses his skill sets to help communities recover from natural disasters and his work has taken him around the globe. Through his travels Josh has discovered a passion and talent for imagery, a man of many ambitions, he has invested himself in his craft. His media portfolio includes commercial real estate videography, advertisement commercials, and residential real estate photography.

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